Abhyangam is a Sanskrit word which means oil application. It is commonly known as Ayurvedic Oil Massage. "Skin" the largest organ of the body is a sense organ of touch. Ayurvedic ancient texts recommend daily Abhyangam and it should be practiced by everyone. This type of daily oil massage can be a simple oil application and be done by one’s own self. Abhyangam ayurveda treatment when practised daily bestows ‘one with long life span ,energy, complexion and youthful skin.This treatment mostly beneficial for rejuvenation, the treatment act as a protector and preserver which helps in increasing the self-confidence and will power of the individual. It involves body massage with a large amount of medicated oils which helps greatly in increasing the immune power of an individual by increasing the white blood cell production in their body. The treatment is used as a Dinacharya, according to the ancient Ayurvedic inscriptions which are used to maintain the complete health of the body. The treatments help in powering up the defence mechanism of the body, and provide immunity to resist the sudden environmental changes. the massage done with the medicated oils applied all over the body by applying pressure to the nerves, muscles and vital parts of the body, helps in strengthening the muscles, improving the blood circulation and Nerve conductions. The treatment is mostly a prescription for the complete nourishment of the body, to maintain a balanced dosha, and to bring the disturbed dosha to a balance.