Podikizhi ayurveda treatment is effective in curing arthritis, paralysis, neuro- muscular diseases, insomnia problems and stimulates the nervous system. Helpful for LS myosceletic problems, backaches, joint aches, shoulder aches. It revives the cells of the skin and offers glow and vitality. Podikizhi treatment is effective in treating the joints, spine, lower back, and muscles. These are the parts of the body that get affected by the vitiation of Kapha. They include: The feet, ankles, wrist, fingers – Podikizhi can help rid these smaller bones of the body of acutely painful episodes, inflammation, deformity, and immobility. The joints in the arms, neck, lower back, hips, spine, and knees – swelling, immobility, stiffness, pain, and numbness can be cured. Body muscles – Podikizhi can relieve soreness, swelling, sprains, and muscle strain. The skin – by helping to regenerate and revive skin cells, Podikizhi brings a glow to it and makes it appear youthful. Whether these are caused by long-term ailments such as osteoporosis or sudden injuries, Podikizhi treatment can provide great relief. It is a highly effective treatment, usually given to the patient in multiple sessions. The recovery time is quite short as well.