Raktha Moksham

Raktamousham ayurveda treatment is used in the traditional Indian medical system of Ayurveda that is commonly known as bloodletting. It is one of the five toxin eliminating treatments that collectively are called panchakarma.In addition to Raktamousham these therapies are vamana(vomiting), Virechana(purgation), Nasya(nasal irregation), basti(enema or colonic). It is believed that the panchakarma treatment removal of toxin balances the doshas or energies that controls all of the bodies bilogical functions. Benefits of Rakthamoushma ayurveda treatment is that it purifies the blood, promotes health, improves immunity by strengthening the body. Helps sense organs act powerfully and quickly, Treats various skin diseases and infections, Eases tension, Normalises the blood pressure, Lessen risk of suffering from stroke and heart attacks,Helps with the healing process of wounds, Helps with the wounds and lesions caused by diabetes.